Double French

Double French

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Deeply roasted to develop upfront notes of roast and smoke while maintaining an overall sweet finish. This blend’s syrupy body makes the perfect stage for exotic notes of molasses, pure cacao and molasses.

Close your eyes, take one sip, and you’ll feel yourself transported to a cafe in New Orleans faster than you can say “Laissez les bons temps rouler” (even if you CAN’T say it !).

Double French


Dark roast coffees are a staple through Europe, which helps explain why there are so many names for it – Italian Roast, French Roast, etc. In America, the first place where coffee became popular was New Orleans, which developed its own tradition of enjoying deep, dark roasts.

That’s where our Double French comes in. Dark roast coffees, while very popular, are tricky to execute properly. Done poorly, they can lose the flavor of the origin coffee so that all that remains is the smoke and the char from the roasting. We’ve carefully selected the highest quality beans from Central America and Indonesia, and roasted them to a dark, oily finish, resulting in a brew that retains the rich fullness of the beans along with just enough smoke and caramelization to satisfy even the most demanding of dark-roast aficionados.

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Indonesia – prized Indonesian coffees have a low acidity level, with a deep, syrupy body, notes of grapefruit, and a pleasant earthiness.
Central America – from the highlands of this region come exceptionally well-balanced coffees, with medium body and acidity levels, and notes of chocolate and brown sugar.

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