Honey Process Coffee

Honey Process

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This honey process single origin from Costa Rica leaves the syrupy coating from the coffee cherry on the bean as it’s dried, resulting in a rich velvety sweeter taste with low acidity.

Pair that with notes of dried fruit, chocolate, and brown sugar and you’ll see why it’s impossible to put down after just one sip.

Honey Process


The “honey” in this coffee’s name refers to the style of processing. After the coffee cherry is de-pulped – meaning, after the fruit has been stripped off of the beans – the sticky mucilage covering the beans is left intact, instead of being immediately washed away as it is with a “washed coffee,” or otherwise removed as in a “natural” process coffee.

Leaving that coat of “honey” on the bean gives the coffee a sweeter taste, with subtle notes of brown sugar and chocolate. Honey processing began in Costa Rica, and has spread to other countries in Central America and elsewhere. In addition to its distinctive taste, it has the environmental benefit of using less water during processing.

Cup Profile

Tasting Notes

Dried Fruit


Brown Sugar







The Tarrazu region is the nursery of Costa Rican specialty coffees. It is situated 5,000 feet above sea level in the country’s highlands,where mountain slopes dominate the landscape.


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