Sampler Pack

All of our unique brews in one convenient place

WHOLE BEAN: 29.95 / GROUND: 30.95

Sampler Pack

All four of our unique brews in the 8oz size: our House blend, the Athletic blend, the rather unique single source Honey Process, and the new Double French blend.



Coffee is awesome. I’ve had my share of coffee and of varying awesomeness. Waking up and starting my day with a fresh ground and pressed cup of any of the Pure Coffee Club roasts, is a beautiful experience. With so many other cofffees on the market, it’s rare to be impressed by “another” cup of coffee. Pure Coffee Club takes it to a whole other level. It kicks starts my day and give me the energy I need to create and perform. It’s something special. It’s the super awesomest coffee on the planet! -Ruel Abadan

The best coffee i've had

I am totally in love with PURE COFFEE CLUB. This is by far THE best coffee I have ever tasted. It is so smooth, robust, and full of flavor. It is absolutely delicious! I have only tried the house blend, but, I can truly say that I can’t wait to try the other two. The coolest part is that it gets delivered to my home! Kudos to Pure Coffee Club for making such an awesome coffee. I can’t say I’m surprised, since these are the same folks who bring us Pure Vitamin Club. I can’t wait to see what else this amazing company comes up with!  -Olenka

Love the Honey Process

I really love the Pure Coffee Club products. My favorite so far is the Costa Rica Honey Process. I’d never heard of Honey Process coffee before, but man, is it ever good – rich and sweet, with no bitterness at all. –Steven Elliot


Pure Coffee Club seeks out the finest specialty coffees from around the world. Our Master Roasters use use their extensive expertise to find the best and rarest single source coffees and create the most exciting and well-balanced blends possible. The results are uniquely satisfying flavor profiles.